Q: Who are you?

A: Yo, we're Deadstock. A U.K. based fashion and lifestyle store that first started doing their thing on May 26th 2015 and have had the pleasure of serving thousands of happy customers since. We stock streetwear inspired vintage clothing, independent brands and anything else we think is cool. 

Q: I want to be kept in the loop - how can we keep in touch?

A: If you want to make sure that you never miss another drop, sign up to our mailing list by following the steps here. We send out one email every week and it'll only ever contain stuff that you'll want to know about. Drop date info, sneak peaks, competitions, that kinda thing.

We will never, ever send you pointless spam.

Q: Nice one, I want those social media feeds though.

A: Facebook // Instagram 

Q: You on Depop too?

A: Yeah, but only sell through our website. @deadstockofficial 

Q: What kind of condition are your items in?

A: A lot of the clothing we stock is vintage so a certain level of wear is to be expected. While this is part of the charm, we will never stock anything thats unwearable. Any holes, stains or glaring defects will always be listed on each product's page along with detailed photos.

Q: Why is everything sold out/why is the store empty?

We like to drop all of our fresh items at once rather than in drips and drabs and a typical drop can see anywhere between 100 - 250 items launch at once. These often sell out extremely quickly, so between drops there may be a lot of items that are unavailable.

Q: I'm having trouble placing an order, can you give me a hand?

A: Always. Send an email to mail@deadstockofficial.com and we'll sort you out with this or anything else you might need help with.

Q: Are your items legit?

A: They are indeed. We're proud of our rock solid reputation and you can rest assured that no matter what you buy from us you'll always receive a quality product. 

Q: What are Bootlegs?

A: Bootlegs are items that though not created by the original manufacturer, have something about them that make them cool enough to stand next to the original pieces. Some of them take a piece of what made the original brand great and run with it in crazy ways (think stupid huge spell outs and unique designs that the original brand wouldn't want to do) Some of them are shit too. We dont stock those.

We rarely stock them but when we do it'll be clearly listed as such in the product title and in the description. Some stores dont differentiate between bootlegs and legit items. We think this is a very shitty thing to do, we dont do that. 

Fakes (like someone decided to straight take a brand's design and make copies) we obviously don't do. 

Q: How do you size your items?

A: We take the time to measure each item ourselves so you can be sure its right for you before you order. Check out our sizing guide here to read more.

Q: Is it safe to order online?

Very. We use industry standard SSL encryption to protect your details and whether you choose to pay by card or Paypal, you're completely covered. 

Peace x