Whats good! We're a vintage streetwear store based in Cardiff, South Wales and we've been supplying our world beating selection of streetwear inspired vintage clothing since back in 2015.

We travel the world to find the hottest styles and aim to offer the streetwear leaning young man with a sustainable alternative to the status quo.

We have been and continue to be a pioneering force in the fight against fast fashion's exploitative practices and we've had the pleasure of hooking up tens of thousands of happy customers from all across the world.

Put simply, we don't like how things are being done and we're here to fuck things up. Come join us on this journey.

Yeah, the vast majority of our pieces have been worn in the past.

Nope. We're here to blend the best of both vintage and streetwear. That means offering the best of both worlds. Sustainable, one off styles you cant get anywhere else while still offering the service you've come to expect from a modern clothing store.

We're proud to be one of the only second hand clothing stores we're aware of that washes (almost) every piece that we send out.

Unless thats your aesthetic then again, nope. We put in the leg work to find high quality pieces that have another lifetime worth of wear to spend with you.

That being said, the odd scuff or insignificant mark is inevitable so you need to be a bit more forgiving than when buying new.

Any damage will be clearly photographed and we also add a condition score to each piece so you're able to make up your own mind before you purchase, no need to sweat.

Obviously anyones more than welcome to pick something up from our store, girls have been holding our bits down on a unisex flex for years.

However, we think that guys have been forgotten about in today's day and age in more ways than one. Theres a million and one places for girls to shop vintage and us guys get treated like an after thought. We're different, here guys come first.

Most brands and major fashion houses' concern as far as sustainability goes is greedy executives crowded around a meeting room table trying to figure out how best to sell the youth it's product.

From Burberry burning pieces in an attempt to maintain its perceived scarcity and prestige to Levis positioning itself as a sustainable voice for a new generation yet a slight dig into their practices revealing anything but. Its all bullshit.

We're a small, independent business and every purchase is felt and appreciated by our tight knit team. We save thousands of pieces from landfill every year and we're spearheading a fashion revolution.

For more information head over HERE.

They are indeed. We're proud of our rock solid reputation and you can rest assured that no matter what you buy from us you'll always receive a quality product. 

Bootlegs are items that though not created by the original manufacturer, have something about them that make them cool enough to stand next to the original pieces. Some of them take a piece of what made the original brand great and run with it in crazy ways (think stupid huge spell outs and unique designs that the original brand wouldn't want to do) Some of them are shit too. We dont stock those.

We rarely stock them but when we do it'll be clearly listed as such in the product title and in the description. Some stores dont differentiate between bootlegs and legit items. We think this is a very shitty thing to do, we dont do that. 

Fakes (like someone decided to straight take a brand's design and make copies) we obviously don't do. 

Because the clothing we supply comes from a wide range of eras, styles and designers, sizing can be a bit unpredictable.

We draw on our years of experience and also try on every piece individually (yes every piece!) to determine the most suitable size.

We also add measurements for each piece that you can compare to a garm you already own. Head over HERE for more info.

A lot of our pieces sell quick, particularly if we post about them on our socials.

Due to the one off nature of the clothing we sell, unfortunately that means that sometimes someone would have gotten to it quicker than you did.

Make sure to turn notifications on and sign up to our mailing list to catch the next drop.

We ship worldwide daily, head on over HERE for full info on our shipping and returns services.

Currently yes, all taxes and duties are the responsibility of the customer.

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All of the ones you'd want and more. Every major card & bank, Paypal, Klarna, Clearpay and more.

Peace x