Whats up, we're Deadstock. We're a clothing store that blends modern streetwear style with vintage clothing sourced from across the globe.

We opened our doors in May of '15 with a suitcase full of clothes collected from local thrift shops and through a tireless work ethic and uncompromising DIY approach we've grown to become one of the busiest & most respected sources anywhere in the world.

We're independent, we answer to no one and we do cool things for cool people.

Real recognises real.


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(a typical drop, they're going to get even bigger we're sure)

(typical scenes post drop, Deadstock customers are the best)

...And we do it all out of a ridiculous workspace near the waterfront area of Cardiff, the capital of Wales (Its in the U.K, we've got a dope ass dragon on our flag) We had a choice between a dull, grey boring warehouse or converting a huge apartment to be our new home.

We chose the cool option because thats what we do, one of us lives here too.

 (the HQ.)

(one of the stock rooms)

(does your workplace have a ridiculous kitchen? No, it doesnt. Unless you work at Deadstock, in which case yes it does.

(we've got a balcony because we're balling out of control)

(and it all started here...we couldn't afford a tripod for the first drop so we did what we could)

Thank you for checking us out! We're about as far removed from a faceless high street chain brand as you could possibly get and every order, like and addition to the Deadstock family is felt and appreciated.

Catch you soon.


June 24, 2018 by Gareth Fraser Natale